Boom Boom Bubba Pancakes

[50% of your order goes directly to Bubba's trip! The other 50% covers costs and keeps the Brand Marinade team busy working]

Taufa’ao C. Ve’e ll aka Bubba wanted to try football out for the first time in August because COVID shut down his baseball season so he went and gave it a try and fell in love. After couple of practices we noticed he started getting his little swagger & confidence back after being down and out about baseball being canceled.

Bubba & his teammates have been really working hard from August until now. The season been a roller coaster of a ride but his team made it to a Thanksgiving tournament in Phoenix AZ & 2 WEEK LONG National Tournaments in Bullhead Arizona and at the IMG Academy in Brandenton Florida, both in December. He is super excited to represent his team, city, state & family. He will be playing offensive & defensive line.

We are humbly looking for financial help to get our son to these games for a once of a life time experience with his teammates. Anything helps, may God bless you back in many more ways than you can imagine. The games will be Televised Livestream on YouTube so you can see the donations come into fruition for yourself. Thank you all with much love and respect,

Ve’e Family